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  • Martial Arts China Culture Trip
    Study Chinese Martial Arts in China while enjoying various travel and tour experiences with SCIC Travel Division! We offer Martial Arts study tours, trips for Tai Chi, Wushu, Kung Fu schools, clubs, organizations and Chinese cultural enthusiasts, families and anyone interested in experiencing authentic Chinese culture.
    14 Days Martial Arts and China Tour Beijing, Shaolin Temple, Chen village (Wudang and Terrocatta Warriors)
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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Immersion
    This is a great combination of China travel, cultural experience and Traditional Chinese Medicine study. 10 -14 days in Beijing
    14 Days China Tour and Medicine Study Beijing-Xian-Shanghai & Suzhou
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  • Pain and Pleasure China Trip
    Pain and Pleasure trip means the participants will take one week intensive training in the first week, and spend a relaxing week in the second week, participants can choose either to take sightseeing, cultural and leisure activities in the second week, or take a trip to other places such as Shaolin Temple, Chen village, Wudang, Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai, Yunnan and Guilin etc. It is ideal for those who are seeking for the balance between toughness and softness.
    1 week intensive (Hard) Training 1 week relax tour and sightseeing
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  • Wudang Kung Fu Immersion
    Spend 14 days in China! Learn authentic Kung Fu at the famous Wudang Mountain School while exploring some of China's most popular destinations and attractions in Beijing!
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  • Shaolin Kung Fu Immersion
    Spend two weeks in Shaolin Temple! Learn Shaolin Kung Fu, Calligraphy, Chinese language and Chinese Cooking while exploring some of China's most popular destinations and attractions! If you are fascinated by real Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese culture and history and want to experience more, this is the program for you!
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