20 years experience in offering Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts programs
  • Beijing Kung Fu Zen Academy
    Offer traditional kung fu styles, Chinese Medicine, Calligraphy and Zen philosophy. A good combination course of Kung Fu and Chinese Culture.
    Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Medicine, Calligraphy Small group class + personal care
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  • Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu Academy Beijing
    Specializes in Yin-style Bagua Zhang, Qin Na (grabbing and locking techniques), and Chen-style Taiji and combat applications.
    Bagua Forms / Applications 4 hours per day /20 hours per week
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  • Shanghai Yingwu Kung Fu Academy
    Two training venues in the Zhangshan Park and Pudong District that provides a good location for those who live and work in Shanghai to learn Chinese Martial Arts.
    Kids Wushu, Taiji / Sanda Classes Evening martial arts classes Shanghai
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  • Sheng Jing Mountain Kung Fu School
    Location: Weihai, Shandong Province; Specialized: Yin Style Bagua, Mentis, Other type of Chinese Traditional Kung Fu, Beautiful training environment.
    Yin Style Bagua, Mantis Kung Fu Intensive Training, Open to everyone
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  • Maling Mountain Kung Fu School
    Located in the famous mountain of Maling Shan in Shandong Province; Offer Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and Cultural Classes.
    Train at a countryside of China Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong Programs
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