20 years experience in offering Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts programs
  • Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Zhengzhou School
    Found by the grand master Chen Zhenglei (19th generation of Chen Taiji). Located in the city center of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and it is now run by his second daughter (Master Chen Yuanyuan).ienced teachers in the school that provide authentic Tai Chi courses for both Chinese and international students.
    Authentic Chen Zhenglei's System Run by Chen Zhenglei's Daugther
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  • Beijing Chen Qing Yuan Tai Chi Center
    Founded by Master Chen Qing Yuan. 8 training venues are provided in Beijing. If you want to learn Tai Chi while are living, working, or travelling in Beijing, this school would be ideal for you.
    Styles: Chen Style Tai Chi, Push Hands Classes in the evening/weekends
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  • Beijing Taiji Zen School
    A new simple and fashionable style of Tai Chi that created based on traditional Chen style Tai Chi; Founded by Jet Li and Jack Ma; located in Tongzhou (outskirts of Beijing) with an excellent study environment and training facilities.
    Wang Xi'an's Taiji System Created by Jet Li and Jack Ma
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  • Beijing San Feng Tai Chi Club
    Provide Tai Chi and Daoyin Qigong classes for those who come to Beijing for a short period of time. The classes take place at the famous Temple of Heaven, where you can approach the locals and experience the unique exercises from our specially selected masters.
    Beginner Tai Chi Classes Introduction to Ba Duanjin (Qigong)
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  • Shanghai Sense Tai Chi Training Center
    The center is one of the research and promotion Chenjiagou Taijiquan health culture and practical fighting club, is founded by Mr. Shen Xiaojian, who is the thirteenth generations of outstanding heritage, come from the Taijiquan birthplace of Henan.
    Evening/weekend Taiji classes Qingan / Pudong District in Shanghai
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