20 years experience in offering Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts programs
  • Shanghai Kangbo Fighting Club
    The Shanghai Kangbo Fighting Club is a highly specialized, large-scale, high-end fighting fitness club in Shanghai. The club has gathered a group of professional martial arts fighters and teachers that provide high quality training programs.
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  • Beijing Beiutang Sanda Kick Boxing Club
    Two training venues for Sanda: Chaoyang District (Sanlitun SOHO) and Haidian District, Good for evening and weekend classes.
    Sanda evening and weekend classes Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
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  • Beijing Tiger Sanda Training Center
    3 Sanda training venues are provided in Beijing, 2 in Chaoyang District, the main venue is near the Beijing Sport University.
    Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing) study in Beijing Chaoyang Disctrict and Beijing Sport University
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  • Beijing Quan Neng Sanda Club
    Specializes in combat sports and is one of self-defense education institutions in Beijing. A good location and easy to find. Provide one to one and group Sanda classes
    Sanda, Self-defense Classes (Evenings/ Weekend) Fengtai Disctrict / Good Location in Beijing
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  • Beijing Sport University- Sanda Department
    Top sports and martial arts based universities in China! Offer Wushu (Taolu), Tai Chi, Sanda, and Daoyin Qigong study courses.
    Train Sanda with Chinese Athletes Excellent Training Facilities and Beautiful Campus
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