• Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Zhengzhou School
    Found by the grand master Chen Zhenglei (19th generation of Chen Taiji). Located in the city center of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and it is now run by his second daughter (Master Chen Yuanyuan).ienced teachers in the school that provide authentic Tai Chi courses for both Chinese and international students.
    Authentic Chen Zhenglei's System Run by Chen Zhenglei's Daugther
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  • Chen Jiagou Chen Zhaosen Taiji School
    Established by Master Chen Zhaosen, the 19th generation of Chen family. Located at the birthplace of Chen taijiquan (Chen Jiagou) in Henan Province.
    Chen Taiji, Weapons / Push Hands Chen Style Tai Chi in Chen Village
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  • Chen Jiagou (Chen Village) Taiji School
    Found originally by Grandmaster Chen Zhaopei and now run by Chen Xiaoxing, 19th Generation of Chen Tai Chi and brother of Chen Xiaowang.s brother and grandson of Chen Fake.
    Biggest School in Chen Jiagou Run by Chen Xiaowan's Brother
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  • Wen Xian County Tai Chi & Wushu School
    Found by Master Chen Erhu, the 20th generation of Chen taiji family, a student of Master Wang Xian, located in the county center of Wenxian.
    Chen Taiji, Weapons/Push Hands Specialized in practical push hands
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