• Shanghai Yingwu Kung Fu Academy
    Two training venues in the Zhangshan Park and Pudong District that provides a good location for those who live and work in Shanghai to learn Chinese Martial Arts.
    Kids Wushu, Taiji / Sanda Classes Evening martial arts classes Shanghai
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  • Shanghai Sense Tai Chi Training Center
    The center is one of the research and promotion Chenjiagou Taijiquan health culture and practical fighting club, is founded by Mr. Shen Xiaojian, who is the thirteenth generations of outstanding heritage, come from the Taijiquan birthplace of Henan.
    Evening/weekend Taiji classes Qingan / Pudong District in Shanghai
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  • Shanghai U Tai Chi Club
    U Tai Ji was founded by Mrs. Chen Jia, who is the 20th-descendant of Chen Style Taijiquan and named as Tai Ji Phoenix, in Shanghai in 2012. Now it has developed into the first choice of Taijiquan enthusiasts in Shanghai and the China to learn and communicate about Tai Ji.
    Master Chen Xiaowang's systerm Pudong/Xuhui Disctrict Shanghai
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  • Shanghai Kangbo Fighting Club
    The Shanghai Kangbo Fighting Club is a highly specialized, large-scale, high-end fighting fitness club in Shanghai. The club has gathered a group of professional martial arts fighters and teachers that provide high quality training programs.
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  • Shanghai Xie Yealei Taiji Quan Club
    Established by Professor Xie Yelei, head coach of the university Taiji Quan Team at the Shanghai Sport University. The club offers Tai Chi courses in Pudong, Changnin, Putuo, and the Minhang District of Shanghai.
    24, 42 Taiji Form, Taji Sword Shanghai Sport University
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