20 years experience in offering tai chi, kung fu, Chinese martial arts programs

Weekend & Evenning Course

Study and training programs for those people who are working and living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou city in China.

Available study and train styles:

1. Chinese Wushu
2. Tai Chi (Taijiquan)
3. Sanda (Sanshou / Chinese Kick Boxing)
4. Shaolin Kung Fu
5. Traditional Kung Fu

Available Courses

-Weekdays Classes
Once a week
twice a week
Three times per week

-Weekend Courses

School Option:

1. Chen Qinyuan Tai Chi School Beijing

2. Master Xu Bagua School Beijing

3. Beijing Shaolin Kung Fu School

4. Shanghai Yinwu Martial Arts School

5. Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi School - Guangzhou Branch