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Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing) Study & Training Programs in China

Learn and train in Sanshou or Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing) with SCIC in China! Sanshou is a modern form of full contact Wushu based on the tradition of martial arts. Attack is the essence of Wushu. In Sanshou contestants compete with such techniques as kicking, hitting and wrestling under certain regulations. Fighters are permitted to use both hands and feet, which facilitates flexible moves and strikes.

This course focuses on learning basic training methods and techniques such as punching, kicking, grasping and throwing. Suitable for both beginners and advanced students, this course is ideal for students looking to improve their level and learn how to teach Sanshou the Chinese way. If you love fighting and combat sports, or if you are looking for a self-defense course, this is the choice for you!

Study and Training Contents

Techniques & theories of Sanshou 
Punching, kicking, grasping, throwing 
Semi-contact sparring with Chinese students
Full-contact sparring with Chinese Students

Instructors & Coaches 

Students will have the opportunity to learn and train under the guidance of some of China's prominent Sanshou (Sanda) instructors and past national champions. These coaches are highly experienced and dedicated to providing high quality training for all students no matter the level of skill - from total beginners to participants competing in national competitions. More info >>

Training Venues & Facilities

Our training venues are equipped with indoor training halls, outdoor training grounds, a fully functional gym for weight and physical conditioning training. Other training facilities include mats, carpets, pads and punch bags. It's a great environment for real Sanshou study and training in China. 


Program Length Options

Full Time: (3 to 6 hours per day, depends on each school's timetable)

Short Terms: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks,
Long Terms: 1 Semester, 6 months, 1 acdemic year, 1 full year

Part Time:

1 day group or private class
3 days group or private classes
7 days Group or private classes
2 weeks group classes
4 weeks group classes
8 weeks group classes
12 weeks group classes

Program Locations:

Beijing, Shanghai, Shaolin Temple, Shandong, Guangdong, Yunnan, Other cities

School Options

Full Time Schools 

1. Beijing Sport University- Sanda Department
2. Capital Institute Physical Education- Sanda Department
3. Shaolin Tagou Kung Fu School- Sanda Division
4. Shaolin Little Dragon Kung Fu school - Sanda Division
5. Shaolin Qufu Kung Fu School- Sanda Department
6. Shaolin Epo Kung Fu School- Sanda Division
7. Chengdu Sports University- Sanda Department
8. Shanghai Sport University- Sanda Department

Part-Time Schools

1. Beijing Tiger Sanda Training Center
2. Beijing West Sanda (Kick Boxing) Club
3. Beijing Bei Wu Tang Sanda Club
4. Beijing Quan Neng Sanda Club
5. Shanghai Kangbo Fighting Club
6. Shanghai Ying Wu Kung Fu Club