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Kung Fu & Tai Chi Study Program at Wudang Mountain

Come to China and spend a few weeks at Wudang Mountain learning Wudang styles and techniques under the instruction of respected Kung Fu Priests. Immerse yourself in this sacred Taoist Mountain, while enjoying its harmonized and peaceful nature and cultivating internal chi and external power. All this will leave you with an unforgettable training and life experience in China!

Placing equal emphasis on religious practice and the promotion of health, Wudang Kung Fu is well known for its exercise of the internal organs and breathing techniques that were developed along with Wudang Mountain Taoism. Deriving the principles of Martial Arts from Taoist theories and applying Taoist practical approaches to Martial Art skills, Taoist priests thus gradually developed Wudang Kung Fu and Tai Chi, which integrates ancient Chinese philosophy with extraordinary Martial Arts prowess.

Available Course Length:  

Short Terms: 1 day to 5 days / 1 week -12 weeks 
Long Terms: 3 months - 12 months

Study Styles and Contents 

13 Wudang Tai Chi Form 

Taiji 13 is the original Taiji form developed by the legendary Shifu Zhang San Feng the father of Taiji. Taiji 13 was developed as a form for combat during the Tong Dynasty.

28 Wudang Tai Chi Form

Taiji 28 The action is short and smooth, easy to learn and to practice. Taiji 28 is a commonly practiced form, in city squares and parks all over China.

38 Wudang Tai Chi Form

Taiji 38 is a round and smooth style of Wudang Taiji. It is graceful and supple and is also widely practiced in the parks all over the country.

Wudang Tai Chi Sword

Wudang Taiji Sword is a clear, rhythmic and gracefully soft form and yet there is plenty of momentum in this form of the sword.

Wudang 7 Star Tai Chi Sword

Wudang Seven Star Sword is a combination of concise moves that are mysterious and changeable. It promotes vigorous movements that are as soft as a cloud and as fluid as water.

Wudang Tayi Fist

Wudang Tai Yi also known as Xuanwu Boxing, is a combination of Speed a Grace. This form combines the hard and soft of Taiji Quan and Kung Fu. It instils a concentration of hand and eye coordination with speed and strength. 

Wudang Taihe Fist

Wudang Tai He Quan is also known as Wudang Fu Hu Boxing. Where Tai Yi is an offensive form Tai He is a defensive form. This form promotes stretching of the muscles, physical fitness and self-defence.

Wudang Bagua Zhang

Wudang Bagua promotes a combination of offensive and defensive tactics luring your opponent into a circle.

Wudang Taiyi Wisk

this form is the essence of Taoist charm. This form emphasize on the promotion of hand and eye coordination, speed and accuracy. 

Wudang Taoist Qigong

his is Wudang ancient biography of the Eight Paragraphs which consists of stretching and physical fitness. This form concentrates on breathing and self-cultivation of the mind and spirit. This form is excellent for treatment of the neck, shoulders and back.

School Options 

1-Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy China Hubei
2-Wudang Taoist Traditional Kung Fu School
3-Wudang Kung Fu and Ta Chi School
4-Wudang Shi He Kung Fu School


Sightseeing Programs in Beijing

Sightseeing programs can be provided before students travel to Wudang Mountain or after students come back to Beijing from Wudang. Students can discover Beijing's major historical and cultural attractions, including the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City. Admission, transportation and English-speaking guides are provided at no extra cost. These tours provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of China's rich history and cultural heritage in the first three days.