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Daoyin Qigong Study Course in China

Qigong is a comprehensive system of gentle exercises involving breath control, the stimulation of key acupressure points in the body and mental development. The system consists presently of eight sets, which promote health in all the major organs through improving circulation and strengthening bones. Daoyin Qigong exercises are suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. Our mian Daoyin Course is held in the Daoyin Training Center of the Beijing Sports University, the headquarters of Daoyin teaching and researching in China! However we do have Daoyin programs that focuses on some simple forms such as Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qing Xi (five animals) and Yi jinjing, and these programs are held in some wudang and kung fu schools. Please select a school that suits your needs. 


Task and Aims

1. Through the study of theory and method of Daoyin Qigong, students are encouraged to acquire knowledge on the history and present development of traditional Chinese ways to maintain health and master the techniques and mechanisms of preventing disease and prolonging life.

2. Through the course, be able to teach basic Daoyin forms and pass on knowledge of Daoyin, thus, students may keep healthy both mentally and physically so as to bring benefits to society. 


Course Duration:

Short Terms: 1 week / 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 8 weeks / 12 weeks

Long Terms: One semester / One academic year


Study and training Contents

Ba Duan Jin
Introduction of Daoyin Qigong
Five Animal Daoyin Qigong
Da Wu Daoyin
Ma Wang Dui Daoyin Shu
Shuxinpingxue Gong
Yiqiyangfei Gong
Shujinzhuanggu Gong
Yuzhenbuyuan Gong
Daoyin Baojian Gong 49 forms
Jiangluodong Gong
Yangsheng Taiji Zhang



All participants will be presented with a certificate of the study and training programs attended, and will be qualified as an official instructor proved as a qualified instructor if pass they pass the exams, which are recognized by the Daoyin Training Headquarter China. 


School Options:

1. Beijing Sport University - Daoyin Qigong Headquarter / Full Time 

2. Wudang Taoist Kung Fu School / Full Time 

3. Wudang Traditional Taoist Kung Fu School / Full Time 

4. Hong Kong Lihui Tai Chi Cneter / Part Tinme