20 years experience in offering tai chi, kung fu, Chinese martial arts programs

Study and Work in China

Study Chinese Martial Arts includes Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi and Sanda while teaching Sports (PE) to Chinese Kids in Kunming China.

Martial Arts Prorgams

Study Styles
Shaolin Kung Fu
Wushu Taolu
Tai Chi / Taiji Quan
Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing)

Study Schools
Shaolin Temple - Yunnan Branch
Yunnan Wushu Institute

Study Terms
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years

Class Timetable
Morning Class: 9:00 - 11: 30

Afternoon Class: 14:00- 17:00


Work in China

Job Title:

Kids Sports Coach

Teaching Contents
Physical Conditions
Kids Sports
Martial Arts
Other sports

Contract Terms
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years

Working Time
17:30 - 20:30 (Monday - Friday)
8:30 - 11:30 / 14:00- 20:00 (Wekend)

Salarry Ranges
USD$ 2000-3000 per month

Work benefits and welfare
-Class commisions
-Paid Leave
-Holidays on paid
-Travel and tour opportunities in China

Requirements for Candidates
1. English as mother language
2. Major in Sports or Physical Education
3. Or major in preschool education
4. Love kids and Be patient
5. Be fit and be healthy
6. Good body figure, good body shape
7. Age between 18 to 45
8. Previous experiences in kids sports, preschool teachers and other relavent works are prefered


How to apply
Please send us your resume or CV to martialarts@scicbeijing.com