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Traditional Kung Fu Study Programs

Come to China for a Traditional Kung Fu training course! Learn old family styles, animal imitation styles and secret fighting techniques.  Our courses emphasize understanding the whole system of your chosen style, including basic fighting techniques, forms, applications, theory and history. Under the instructions and guidance of prominent masters both young and old students can pursue their chosen art in the country where it all began! 

SCIC Beijing offers many traditional Kung Fu Styles and weapons study programs, please see the information and choose a school below:


Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang is a combination of attack and defensive moves while incorporating Neigong (internal Kung Fu). It uses palms instead of fists for an attack. The main characteristics are strikes, joint locking, throws, and distinctly evasive circular footwork. The evasive circular footwork in Bagua is one of its most distinctive characteristics and a very important aspect;

School Options:

1-Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu School – Beijing
2-Tianmeng Mountain Kung Fu School– Shangdong
3-Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School– Shangdong
4-Yunnan Shaguo Zheng Wushu School –Kunming

Hsin Yi Fist

Hsin Yi Fist is one of the three most famous styles of internal Chinese Martial Arts. Hsin Yi Fist using a Five Element Theory in its application and relies on the Six Harmonies in its practice and cultivation. Hsin Yi Fist put great emphasis on the intention leading the power through the body – the body must work as one cohesive unit to allow for full expression of the explosive power.

School Options:

1-Beijing Zhen Guo Traditional Kung Fu Academy
2-Hsin Yi Kung Fu Family -Shanxi Taigu
3-Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School – Shangdong

Baji Quan

Baji Quan, a school of traditional Chinese Marital Arts that features explosive, short range power, was also known as "rake fist" due to the fist being held loosely and slightly open when not striking, resembling a rake and the art involving many downward strike moves, like a rake's movement in the field.

School Options:

1-Bagiquan International School- Hebei
2-Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School – Shangdong

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a southern martial arts form that focuses on close range combat initiating from the center of the body for defense and attacks. Wing Chun focus on close range combat with attacks and counter-attacks initiating from a firm, stable centerline. It involves kicks, sweeps, strikes, punches, trapping and control techniques.

School Options:

1-Beijing Wing Chun Kung Fu School
2-Shenzhen Hongyi Wing Chun Club
3-Guangzhou Mi Ji Wang Wing Chun School

Mentis Style

The mantis fists are essential and offer great value in improving a person’s health. The mantis is a long and narrow predatory insect. While heavily armoured, it is not built to withstand forces from perpendicular directions. Mentis style is very important when in close combat, hence also named the short hit fist as one of the best pictographic fists.

School Options: 

1-Beijing Zhen Guo Traditional Kung Fu Academy
2-Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School – Shangdong
3-Tianmeng Mountain Kung Fu School – Shangdong

Mei Hua Quan

Meihua quan is an ancient style of Chinese boxing which existed as early as the Shang Dynasty (1600BC- 1046BC). According to a legend its boxing style is based on the Kunlun school and belongs to “Buddhist sect and Daoist schools”. For thousands of years Meihua quan had been practiced as a secret martial art in tightly knit organizations, maintaining the internal unity.

School Options:

1-Tianmeng Mountain Kung Fu School – Shangdong
2-International Meihua Quan Federation - Yunnan


Traditional Kung Fu Weapons

Flexible (Soft) Weapons
By its nature of being flexible the weapon can be most dangerous and difficult to control. The rope dart is one of the flexible, also known as soft, weapons in Chinese martial arts. Other flexible weapons in this family include the meteor hammer, flying claw, and chain whip.

Study Styles and Forms Include:

Nunchaku (2 section Staffs), 3 section Staffs, Chain Whips,
Rope Darts, Meteor Hammers, Flying 

Double (Twin) Weapons
Twin (double) weapons are two mirror-image weapons, one held in each hand. In modern kung fu, the practice of twin weapons balances out the left hand with the right, since many styles have a predetermined dominance. 

Study Styles and Forms Include:

Double Hooks                    Double Spears              Double Daggers
Double Straight Swords     Double Broadswords    
Double Butterfly Swords 

Other Traditional Weapons

Chinese kung fu Traditional Long Weapons, such as spears, kwan daos, pudaos, tridents, halberds, monk spades, Drunken Sword, Drunken Staff and more can be found 

School Options:

1-Tianmeng Mountain Kung Fu School – Shangdong
2-Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School – Shangdong
3-Yunnan Shaguo Zheng Wushu School –Kunming
4- Maling Mountain Kungg Fu School - Jiangsu