An Unique Experience with SCIC Beijing in China


  • 7 days Bagua Training at Wudang Mountain
    After a week Yunnan visit and a week training course in Chen village I took the train to Wudang Mountain to spend a week at the Wudang school of gong fu. Wudang Mountain is famous in Chinese history as the birthplace of Taoism, one of China's major religions that expounds living life by following the 'Way' (Lao's Zi's famous 'Tao Te Ching', for example, is centered on Taoism).
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  • 1 week Intensive Course at Chen Tai Chi Village
    After 3 month Chinese language study in Beijing Language and Culture University with SCIC Beijing, as part od my study program I flew to Zhengzhou to spend a week training in Chen taijiquan with Master Chen Erhu in Chen Village Tai Chi School.
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  • Explore the Root of Shaolin Kung Fu- Visit five famous Mountains in China
    On Wednesday the 5th April 2006, Sil Lum Kune undertook an epic tour of China, covering various Shaolin temples spread throughout the country. Many sources claim that Shaolin was not alone, but was discreetly connected to the other main branches of Chinese martial arts, namely Wudang, Emei and Hua. Our trip was to travel the length and breadth of China covering Fujian Putian Shaolin temple, Fujian Quanzhou Shaolin temple, Emei Shan Wannian Temple and mountain, Wudang Shan Taoist Xixiao Palace temple and mountain.
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  • 2 Weeks Taiji / Bagua Course in China
    "Upon arrival into Beijing i was amazed by the amount of construction and development. There are so many people here working. It seems most people come from other areas in China to Beijing to make money.
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  • Foot Massage Experience after Wushu Class at BSU
    evening after Wushu training, SCIC Beijing took us to have a proper Chinese foot massage! We were very excited..... Getting massages, foot massage included, is a popular leisure activity in China, along with playing sports, karaoke, spending time with family and so on. This was the first time I had experienced a massage of any sort in China (although it certainly wasn't the last).
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