Frequent Asked Questions 常见问题!


  • When should I apply for the program?

    You should make your application three months before the program starts. The deadline for each program can be found at the Dates & Fees. The application forms can be downloaded at (APPLICATION). To avoid disappointment early booking is advised. We except late applications if we still have places available and there will be a small amount of additional fees for this service.
  • Can I design my own program?

    Can't find exactly what you’re looking for in our programs? Don’t worry! SCIC Beijing offers you the opportunity to design your own program, choosing from all our available styles, arts and locations. Want to study Wushu at Beijing Sports University for a month then spend some time at Chen Tai Chi Village or the legendary Shaolin Temple? Or focus on Sanshou for a while with some relaxing Daoist Qigong at Wudang Mountain to finish off? Simply select what, where and when you wish to study and SCIC Beijing will do the rest!
  • What type of visa I need?

    All people to China require a passport and visa, Participants attending short term programs, up to 12 weeks are required to have a “Tourist” visa. Semester and academic year students are required to have a student visa. Visas are issued by a PRC Embassy or Consulate in your home country. An Invitation Letter and Admission Notice are required to obtain a visa. These documents are provided by SCIC Beijing when your registration has been completed and application fee and course deposit paid.
  • What are requirements of application?

  • When Should I make the payment?

    A) Application fee and course deposit must be made when you apply for our course (we will send you a course letter and payment form when we received your application form) B) Remaining Balance (final balance) of your course fee can be made by bank transfer (wire) after you have obtained the China visa and booked flight, or you can make it in cash upon your arrival in China. If you want to make it by credit card via Paypal, you must add 4% extra on top of your remaining balance.
  • How much is the application fee, does the application fee included in the program fee?

    Application fee is USD$100 (visa support documents (invitation letter) USD$50, administration costs: USD$50), and the application fee is not included in the course fee.
  • What payment methods you accept?

    Credit Card, Bank transfer or Cash .
  • Do you accept payment of other currencies?

    We accept the payments of US dollar, Euros and Chinese Yuan (RMB). The amount you need to pay will be converted according the exchange rate on the day you make the payment.
  • Does the deposit I paid is refundable?

    Deposit is non- refundable, deposit is part f total course fee, and will be deducted when you make the remaining balance.
  • If you are unable to attend the course, what about the deposit I have paid?

    Deposit will be kept by SCIC Beijing, you can use it when you apply for our future course, programs, trips and tours. Alternatively you can transfer it to your friends or family members who might apply for our courses.
  • Do I need vaccinations for the program?

    The following vaccinations and applicable frequencies are recommended for students coming to China: Hepatitis A (within previous 10 years); Hepatitis B (within previous 5 to 10 years),Japanese B Encephalitis (within previous 3 years); Tetanus (within previous 10 years); Polio (within previous 10 years); and Typhoid (once in lifetime). Students 55 and older should also have a Pneumococcal Vaccine. Short trips of less than 90 days generally do not require vaccinations. Please consult your GP for further advice...
  • What should I pack?

    Your best option is to pack light, because China is good place for shopping and you will bring many things back from China. Today you can find almost any product and brand that you would find at home in Beijing. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are all readily available. Clothing is also plentiful and very inexpensive. Shoes are available, but larger sizes are hard to find. For special occasions you may wish to dress up but smart casual will suffice. The type of garments you bring will depend on the time of year you visit China. It is also best to pack sufficient medication, etc.
  • Can I use my mobile in China?

    China has become the fastest growing market for mobile use. There are two major mobile networks - China Mobile and China Unicom. You can conveniently purchase a monthly or Pay as you Go Chinese SIM card from any street vendor, prices range from 50 – 200 RMB (5 – 20 USD). Call charges are around 3 Mao (0.05 USD) per minute.
  • Can I open a local bank account?

    Yes, you can open a bank account during your study period in China. Our staff will be happy to assist you in this after your arrival
  • Do you have the FAQs of each school or each program?

    Yes! you can find FAQs of each school or program at the school introduction.