Top 50 Martial Arts Schools in China 中国功夫学校

Welcome to SCIC China Martial Arts Programs

Are you interested in a Chinese martial art and want to study in China? We offer courses in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Wushu, Sanshou and many others.

Our courses cater for every level, from beginner to advanced. All our instructors are top-level with years of teaching experience.

All our martial arts courses take place in respected universities, colleges, and kung fu schools. We offer you the opportunity to train with professional teams and martial arts champions. Every program is designed to meet students' individual needs and requirements, and focus on both practice and theory. As well as regular class instruction,

there is also after-class training and martial arts-related activities to provide you with a comprehensive experience of China and to help you progress in your chosen style.

There are also opportunities to broaden your learning in China by studying Chinese medicine, language or a cultural subject such as calligraphy or music.




    SCIC Beijing Offers martial arts study programmes throughout the whole of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shaolin Temple, Wudang Mountain, Chen Village, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shandong, etc. Please choose a location below:


      • Universities / Institutes

        We select top 5 sports and martial arts based Institutes in China, provides you a professional study course in Wushu (Taolu), Tai Chi, Sanda, and Daoyin Qigong.
      • Tai Chi (Taijiquan) Schools

        Study and train in Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) under respected masters and qualified instructors at one of the top Tai Chi (Taiji) Institutes, universities and professional teams in China!
      • Traditional Kung Fu Schools

        Learn traditional Kung Fu such as Bagua, Xingyi, Mantis,Baji and Crane etc with authentic Kung Fu Masters in China. Many styles, locations and schools are available
      • Wushu (Taolu) Schools

        Seeking a real Wushu training experience at a proper Wushu School in China, choose from top 10 schools to help you to improve your skills and techniques in Wushu Taolu.
      • Shaolin Kung Fu Schools

        Come to China for intensive Shaolin Kung Fu training at one of the renowned Shaolin schools in China. Experience the hard life of Shaolin monks at the famous Shaolin Temple.
      • Wudang Kung Fu Schools

        Learn authentic Wudang Kung Fu, absorb natural 'chi' from the mysterious mountain of Wudang, and get a full experience of training at the famous Wudang Mountain in China.
      • Sanda (Sanshou) Schools

        Learn and train in Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing) at one of the Sanda schools in China. If you love self-defense, fighting and combat sports, this is the choice for you!
      • Professional Teams

        Train at one of five top professional Wushu teams, live and eat with professional Wushu athletes. Improve your levels in Wushu Taolu and learn some effective training methods from the team.


      Each martial arts Wushu (Kung Fu) master and instructor, selected by SCIC, specializes in a particular style of martial arts. Students will therefore have the opportunity to learn and train under some of China's top martial arts masters and former national champions who are highly experienced and dedicated to providing high quality training for all students regardless of their skill level - from complete beginners to competitors in national competitions.

      Design Your Own Program!

      Can't find exactly what you’re looking for in our programs?

      Don’t worry! SCIC Beijing offers you the opportunity to design your own program, choosing from all our available styles, arts and locations.

      Want to study Wushu at Beijing Sports University for a month then spend some time at Chen Tai Chi Village or the legendary Shaolin Temple?

      Or focus on Sanshou for a while with some relaxing Taoist Qigong at Wudang Mountain to finish off?

      Simply select what, where and when you wish to study and SCIC Beijing will do the rest!

      Tours / Camps

      Martial Arts China Culture Trip
      Martial Arts China Culture Trip View details
      Study Chinese Martial Arts in China while enjoying various travel and tour experiences with SCIC Travel Division! We offer Martial Arts study tours, trips for Tai Chi, Wushu, Kung Fu schools, clubs, organizations and Chinese cultural enthusiasts, families and anyone interested in experiencing authentic Chinese culture.

      Special Offers

      SCIC Martial Arts Camps
      SCIC Martial Arts Camps View details
      Participate in one of SCIC Beijing’s summer or winter camps! Learn Martial Arts (Wushu), Calligraphy, Chinese language and Chinese Cooking while exploring some of China's most popular destinations and attractions! If you are fascinated by Chinese culture and history and want to experience more, this is the program for you!

      Group Discount and Special Offers

      We offer discount for groups, schools, organizations and associations.

      The more number of participants obtains more discounts.

      SCIC Beijing also provides monthly special offers for confirmed study, training programs as well as kung fu, tai chi tours and camps.